Spirited Away: A Story of Passion and Struggle

Spirited Away Anime

Spirited Away: A Story of Passion and Struggle. Hayao Miyazaki’s film with the famous anime studio, Ghibli studio, has given everyone an interesting experience in the world of animation. Everyone applauds almost all of Hayao Miyazaki’s work with the Ghibli studio staff. Including one of the most famous anime films, entitled Spirited Away.

On this occasion, I will review or review this great film Spirited Away. So for those of you who haven’t watched it so far, this review from me could be interested in watching it!

Chihiro (Voiced by Rumi Hiiragi) and his parents left the city to move and live in a strange village. On their way to their new home, the car driven by Chihiro got lost in an empty, uninhabited forest area.

When they realized that they had lost their way, the car they were driving stopped at a hallway between the real world and another world called Yuuya.

As they walked around Yuuya, Chihiro’s parents broke the rule where they ate the food offered by the gods very greedily. Until Yubaaba (Voice of Mari Natsuki), the magician and ruler of Yuuya cursed Chihiro’s parents to become pigs.

This finally made Chihiro try to save his parents by working for Yubaaba who had an evil, greedy and greedy nature in the spirit world.

Spirited Away Anime
Sen Chihiro and the Passion He Brings Review of Spirited Away

In the film Spirited Away, Chihiro, who changes his name to Sen after working for Yubaaba, is depicted as a representation of the labor struggle. Where in the film, he works with inhuman working hours, gets minimal wages, and as a 10-year-old human, Sen is a form of exploitation of minors by Yubaaba against him.

It is not only Sen who is shown as a representation of workers in this film. But all workers who work with Yubaaba, are also treated the same as Yubaaba’s treatment of Sen. Ironically because Yubaaba is an authoritarian ruler who has magical powers, the workers in the Yubaaba palace can do nothing, but surrender to the situation.

Spirited Away Review

Sen spent day after day working with Yubaaba on a mission to save his parents. However, Sen’s presence in the spirit world, especially in Yuubaba’s palace, brought a positive air to all the workers there. Sen’s character often teaches an unyielding attitude and is always compassionate in living together with any creature.

This is what makes many creatures like and help Sen. One of them is Haku (Voiced by Miyu Irino) and a mysterious faceless figure (Kaonashi-san) who will help Sen in saving his parents.

Hayao Miyazaki’s Humanitarian Criticism

In the film Spirited Away, Miyazaki-sensei presents a social criticism that is of course still very relevant in this era. He presented the criticism by displaying metaphorical symbols that the audience had to digest.

One of them is by presenting the figure of Dewa Bau who was disgusting at first. As the story progressed, the figure of Dewa Bau was finally revealed. The God of Bau was the embodiment of a wise and well-known river god. Garbage is thrown away by humans which makes them dirty and smells bad.

In addition, labor exploitation, human greed, and indifference to the environment are also the focus of the criticism that Miyazaki was able to mandate in this Oscar-winning animated film. Indeed, as a legendary animator, Miyazaki-sensei has proven his magic to make animation full of moral messages accompanied by a lot of social criticism.

This is also the specialty of Miyazaki and the Studio Ghibli he shelters. And in this review of Spirited Away, this film is one of his epic works that successfully showcases these two important things.

Informasi Film Spirited Away :

Directed by: Hayao Miyazaki
Produced by: Toshio Suzuki
Written by : Hayao Miyazaki
Music by: Joe Hisaishi
Release date: July 20, 2001 (Japan)
December 20, 2002 (United States)
Running time: 125 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

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