Horimiya Romantic Anime (2021)

Horimiya Romantic Anime (2021). Horimiya was adapted from the Japanese manga Hori-san To Miyamura-Kun created by Hayao Miyazaki (HERO) and drawn by Daisuke Hagiwara (Dasuke Hagiwara). The name Horimiya itself represents the name of the manga so it’s easy to remember. Horimiya Animation co-produced with Clover Works on January 9, 2021.

There was an ordinary teenage girl named Hori, and no one else wanted to see or even know her side, Then there is a young boy who is called Miyamura. It turns out that the teenager is Hori’s classmate. 

Miyamura is a teenager, she wears glasses at school, but she doesn’t wear glasses outside of school, so her personality and behavior are very different. 

When Miyamura was in the classroom and outside the classroom, she looked completely different. Suddenly, this Miyamura meets Hori and finds out everyone’s secret at the meeting. From that first encounter, Hori and Miyamura, who were far away, looked like an unexpected friendship. How is the story of Hotan and Miyamura’s friendship? Will the two of them like each other in the future.

horimiya san

Information about Horimiya : 

Titles : Horimiya (synonym), ホ リ ミ ヤ (Japanese) 

Number of episodes: 13 

Release: January 10, 2021 

Studio: Clover Works 

Source: Manga 

Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen 

Duration: 23 Min

The advantages :

This anime carries a crisp storyline with a high school student’s background. The genre that this anime brings is a slice of life, so it’s no wonder the conflict in the anime is not too prominent. The story that is carried is very close to our daily life when we go to school. So, those of you who follow this anime must understand the Horimiya storyline which is not too heavy.

However, what is most impressive in this anime is the love story between Hori and Hiromiya which seems innocent, closed but still sweet; a typical teenage love story. Both of them are figures who have different personalities and can be said to be contradictory, especially when they are at school.

Lack of Anime Horimiya :

It’s too early to judge the shortcomings of an anime whose episodes haven’t aired as a whole. However, at least we can refer to the manga which has a storyline that is not much different.

However, at least these deficiencies can be seen if we look at episode two. In the episode, Hori was slandered by the student council president and his deputy because they were considered incompetent in doing the student council work. This had caused a stir at school, but it didn’t last long. Then, came the horimiya who were the key witnesses to the conflict. From this, we can judge that the conflict resolution in this anime is under-exposed and runs so fast. That is why some anime reviewers judge that their horror lacks a strong conflict.

Horimiya is perfect for those of you who are looking for entertainment because of the humor of each player. However, this anime is not suitable for those of you who crave a strong conflict. Because Horimiya focuses more on building a slice-of-life storyline.

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