Napping Princess: Enjoy the story of two worlds of Kokone Morikawa

napping princess

Napping Princess: Enjoy the story of two worlds of Kokone Morikawa. This film was produced by director Kenji Kamiyama who was previously successful with Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Eden of the East, and Cyborg 009.

Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Eden of the East, Cyborg 009) is returning to direct the anime entitled Ancien and the Magic Tablet, also known as Hirune Hime (Napping Princess: The Story of the Unknown Me).

Synopsys Napping Princess

This anime tells the story of a high school student named Kokone Morikawa. Kokone lives alone with his father who is a mechanic. In every sleep, Kokone always dreams of becoming a daughter named Ancien who has a magic tablet.

This film is set in two different but connected worlds. Namely, the dream world where Kokone becomes a daughter named Ancien, and the real world where Kokone is just an ordinary high school student. The dynamics and relationships between the two worlds make this story unique and very interesting to follow.

This anime tends to be easier to accept than Kenji Kamiyama’s previous works with the theme of science fiction such as Ghost in the Shell: SAC and Cyborg 009. This time Kamiyama managed to combine elements of science fiction, fantasy, and realism styles with the right amount.

So, visually and the story of this film is easier to accept. Although there are still several plot holes, maybe because the story is quite complex and the film duration is limited so that some important plots from the film must be told using after credits.

anime napping princess

Details Films

Title: Hirune-hime: Shiranai watashi no monogatari
Director: Kenji Kamiyama
Starring: Mitsuki Takahata, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Jamison Boaz
Release Date: March 18, 2017
Duration: 111 Min


ひ る ね 姫 / Princess Hirune
夢 の は じ ま り / Beginning of the Dream
コ コ ネ の テ ー マ / Kokone’s Theme
ん? / Hmm?
ハ ー ト ラ ン ド の 物語 / The Legend of Heartland
知 っ て い る の は 君 だ け / You’re the Only One Who Knows
ん!? / Hmm !?
教 え て 、 お 母 さ ん / Tell Me, Mom
ベ ワ ン と 渡 辺 / Bewan and Watanabe
バ イ ク に 乗 っ て / From 27:43
ジ ョ イ 奪 還! / Joy Rescue!
解 け て い く 謎 / Mystery Solved
タ キ ー ジ と ウ ッ キ ー / Takiji and Ukki
エ ン シ ェ ン と 魔法 の タ ブ レ ッ ト / Ancien and the Magic Tablet
モ リ オ の 企 て / Morio’s Plan
こ れ っ て 魔法? / Is This Magic?
こ れ っ て や っ ぱ り 魔法? □ / Is This Still Magic?
お 父 さ ん の 想 い ~ 夢 の 世界 へ / Dad’s Memories ~ To the Dream World
優 し い 時間 / A Tender Moment
ベ ワ ン の テ ー マ / Bewan’s Theme
ふ た り の 距離 / The Distance Between Us
新型 エ ン ジ ン ヘ ッ ド / / New Model Enginehead
ハ ー ト ラ ン ド を 救 え! / Save Heartland!
コ コ ネ と ハ ー ツ / Kokone and Hearts
コ コ ネ の テ ー マ / Kokone’s Theme

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