Anime Kakushigoto: Joy and happiness are just masks

Kakushigoto anime

Anime Kakushigoto: Joy and happiness are just masks. Gotou Kakushi (Kamiya Hiroshi) is a “somewhat” popular mangaka whose works are known for their profanity. Because of the lecherousness of the manga, when his daughter Hime was born, he vowed to hide this job from him, because he was sure that Hime would be disappointed if he found out.

This excessive anxiety led Kakushi into a troublesome situation. As a single parent, he always wants to do his best for Hime, so he is reluctant to share unreasonable things to protect his secret, such as pretending to be an office employee every day to holding emergency training if Hime manages to find him. place of work.

Kakushigoto, an anime that tells the story of a father who lives with his daughter, while keeping a secret to maintain the peace they have. However, there is a saying, “there are no secrets that time cannot reveal.” And in the end, Hime must learn the reality behind the things he had taken for granted when he was growing up.

Detail Anime Kakushigoto

Title: Kakushigoto
MAL score: 8.06
Release: Spring 2020
Aired: Apr. 2 – Jun 18th. 2020
Studio: Ajia-Do
Adaptation: Manga
Type: TV animation
Episodes: 12 episodes (23 min.)
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Shounen
Rating: R13 + (Teenager)

Storyline Kakushigoto

[SPOILER ALERT!] – Although it is written as a shounen anime because the source was published in a shounen magazine, for us personally, demographically it is also a story that is relatable to older audiences, Kakushigoto is more suitable to be said as a seinen anime. The slice of life that tells the relationship between children and people is always warm, say that previously there was Usagi Drop or Amaama to Inazuma, and now there is Kakushigoto who is even better in terms of directors and storytelling. The manga artist himself was moved by this adaptation of his work.

An anime that is not boring, the comedy hits a lame understanding between adults and innocent children as the key. In addition, the board of directors, yep, the story in the form of a flashback with each end of the episode taking current events which are full of question marks was processed very well. We are always made to wonder what happened, we are made curious until finally everything is answered in the final episode, episode 12. The final episode which we feel is a little solid, one-third or half of the content is worthy of being made a new episode. However, even so, this episode is still the best, a closing that can surprise us with the various secrets and twists that are revealed in it, so that sometimes the contents also make our eyes turn red.

Apart from the above, ‘Kakushigoto’ also did not leave behind another important thing, the world of mangaka. Here we will learn a little about the difficulties of a mangaka’s life, even with a variety of foreign terms that we rarely even hear.


Kakushigoto Character

Thinking of characterizations, what the admin remembers the most is the name of the main character, Gotou Kakushi, and the behavior of the editor, Tomaruin. The idea for the anime title, the main character, and the main character’s one for three jobs is funny, quite creative. Even Kakushigo can also be interpreted as an ‘illegitimate child’, which is also the status that Gotou Sensei has. Then there is this Tomaruin, who is only a supporting character but can become a show-stealer, not because of his strengths or anything, but because of his nationality, the comedy and stories from this anime seem to be boosted so that he is the same as his presence, say when manga ‘ Tights in the Wind ‘is about to end, what a big misunderstanding he made at that time. We also shouldn’t forget the assistants, their existence with all their kindness is no less important for this series.

But, the most important thing in characterizing this anime, is not the two things above, but Gotou and all of its secrets. Because when this is revealed, our view of this anime will change, it is no longer just a slice of life comedy anime, but far and beyond that.

Art & Sound

BEAUTIFUL, stunning, and eye-pleasing animations. Kakushigoto proved that extra detail was not needed to get all of these things. In general, the character design he has is simple, the hallmark of Kumeta Kouji is really, the same as in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei but Yamamoto Shuuhei makes it even better. Although different, the two adaptations of Kumeta Kouji’s work are equally artistic, for example, the shading patterns make ‘Kakushigoto’ too beautiful to watch, not to mention that the simple and unusual background has added value. Ajia-Do succeeded in making two pieces of work that were very satisfying for the audience in the spring of 2020 yesterday. As for the sound, we can’t say much because this is just a slice of life anime, but in terms of acting the seiyuu are not bad, their dialogue is like a narrative that immediately enters the audience’s hearts, especially during serious moments, the opening and ending are also nice to listen to, just skip it feels a shame.


An outstanding work, ‘Kakushigoto’ is a light comedy anime but originally heavy. Our stomachs will be churned from laughter and our cheeks will be wet with tears. Directed so well with flashback format, each episode always ends with a mystery that will make us wonder what happened, which in the end the mystery will surprise us all, the audience.

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